Saturday, December 17, 2016


As always my day started quite OK... Few weeks ago I decided to give up sugar, and it was AMAZING... In only few days I lost good amount of weight without even trying. But somehow somewhere in the way off getting skinny I got lost... I started eating sweets again... Not just few candies, NO... I went massive... In one week I ate like 20 pacs of candies, which would be like 20000 cal... I hate myself now. I gain at least 3 kg and now I have no idea how to lose them. I'm such a disappointment :((( I do that all the time. I begin something and I'm really good at that, and then suddenly something happens and I fail... Massively. Like last year - I lost around 10 kg. I've been sooooo happy, skinny, beautiful. My friends noticed that I look really good, but then, during summer I lost my way and all those kilos came back, and whats worst - even more then before :( I don't know what to do. I lost all the hope to ever be skinny again... I just hate myself I wish I could just cut all of that fat of my body and never ever ever gain that back...
The point is why I'm telling you this - I want someone to motivate me. To believe in me. So I ask all of you, who struggle like me, to tell your stories and to try do this together. To motivate each other. I really need your help. I feel so bad about how I look right now its killing me. I cant even look to the mirror without starting to cry. PLEASE. I need some advice. I really do need your help.
Your's Annabelle <3

Curent weight - 70 kg (I know - I'm disgusting) 
Goal weight - 60 kg